This product excels at both cast-in-place and precast

design applications.

White Benchtop Mix is a pre-blended, all in one, high strength cast-able concrete mix designed for the creation of concrete benchtops. It offers the very best blend of white sand and marble aggregates, white Portland cement and proprietary admixtures to ensure no curling, shrinking or deformation. 

It mixes, pours, flows and fills better than any other high-performance mix on the market.

Its proprietary fibre network provides great tensile strength allowing greater spans and unsupported segments than most other conventional mixes.


The white base colour provides unlimited design potential.

Features and Benefits 

  • Non-intrusive fibre system for improved tensile strength.

  • Impressive 66 MPA (9700 psi) @ 28 days.

  • Highly flowable so it will pour easily through our fibreglass scrim mesh and leave limited “honeycomb” in edges.

  • Near self-levelling properties means minimal effort finishing.

  • Can be cast as thin as 25mm for benchtop applications.

  • Quick cure time allows for grinding and polishing 24 hrs later.

  • Works with all stains, integral colours and hardeners.

  • 22 kg bags.

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The use of a specialized acrylic fibre network and the high flexural strength greatly limits the chance of cracking. 


This highly flowable, near self-levelling mix makes this benchtop mix the perfect choice for both precast and cast-in-place designs and can be cast as thin as 25mm for benchtop applications. 

Bag Coverage

CMB: 0.015 m3

30mm: 0.44 m2

57mm: 0.25 m2
Also, consider Z Clips
and Fibreglass scrim.

Compressive Strength (MPA)

@24 hours: 33

@ 7 days: 58

@28 days: 66