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Z Trowel-Slick

Z Trowel-Slick is ready to use surface lubricant which allows for easier concrete finishing. For veteran finishers, it allows for great finishing with far less labour. For novices it allows you to finish like a pro.

Trowel-Slick is ideal for concrete benchtop finishing.


Coverage - Approximately 4.6 - 6.9 sq. mt. per litre.

Z Trowel-Slick

SKU: NZ_ TS001
  • Z Trowel-Slick is not to be considered as a curing compound. Concrete treated with this product must be cured per ACI recommendation guidelines.

    Trowel-Slick will not alter the effectiveness of membrane-type curing or sealing compounds. Do not use to facilitate easier finishing of cementitious dry-shake surface hardeners or toppings after they have begun to take the initial set.

    Keep from freezing. If frozen, loosen the cap and allow the solution to thaw completely. Shake well for two minutes before use.

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