Z SiAcryl 14 Sealer (Matte)

Z SiAcryl 14 is a kitchen benchtop ultra-high-performance water-based penetrating sealer formulated for use on concrete countertops. When applied and cured, Z SiAcryl 14 will repel most food and beverage products, such as lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and red wine. After application, Z SiAcryl 14 will exhibit a very natural low lustre finish with very little incidental darkening providing for a more natural look compared to traditional heavy coatings.


Safe for outdoor use and 100% countertop safe.


Benefits and features:


Easy to apply with an inexpensive sprayer or hand applicator

Excellent long term wear capabilities

Dries to a very minimal lustre

Breathable coating Environmentally friendly * water clean up

Re-coatable Ultra-low VOC Food safe


1 qt. (946ml) per bottle.


Will cover approx. 6.9 - 9.2 sq.m (or 75-100 sq. ft.) @ 3-4 coats

Z SiAcryl 14 Sealer (Matte)

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