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Trinic NanoSeal Matte (946ml)

Trinic NanoSeal Matte (946ml)



This renewable finish is used on polished concrete, tile, marble, granite, brick, pavers, concrete countertops, overlays, and many other surfaces. NanoSeal comes in matte and gloss, the two can be mixed together to achieve a satin.



•Seal and protects a multitude of substrates

•Adheres to alkalines, such as ASR – compromised concrete

•Adheres to acidic, such as incompletely neutralised acid stained substrates

•Fills pores and adds gloss without risk of whitening

•Very high abrasion resistance for superior durability

•Outstanding satin resistance for multi-site use

•Efflorescence resistance for easier cleaning

•New self-cross-linking nano-based waterborne copolymer that may just be the most versatile and important coating available



The surface must be clean, free from dust, dirt, mildew, oil, grease, paint, sealers, curing agents, waxes, and surface contamination. We recommend wiping the piece down with acetone before starting the sealing process. Acetone leaves the least amount of residue of most of the common solvents.



NanoSeal should be applied between temperatures of 10-35°C. The next coat can be applied over the previous coat after it passes a simple scratch test (if you can scratch it with your fingernail, it's not ready for another coat yet).

Trinic NanoSeal Matte (946ml)

SKU: 9E47F
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