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Pencil Tileform Mould

Make your own concrete wall tile with the Z Tileform System. Pouring your own concrete tile will give you the creative freedom to make a truly custom tile backsplash while saving a fortune over conventional ceramic and stone tile. It is as easy as pouring a concrete mix into the Z Tileform moulds. Add pigment and experiment with different techniques to create something truly beautiful.

Includes 6x Pencil Tileform trays (36 tiles - 36 linear ft. per pour OR 10.97 linear meters)


Molds are reusable.


Dimensions: 305mm W x 19mm H x 16mm W


To apply to wall, use any tile mastic or thin set tile adhesive. Tile should be cut with a wet saw . The Z Tileform system is for wall tile only. Use for floor tile at your own risk.

Pencil Tileform Mould

  • Note : Use a high strength and easy flowable concrete mix.

  • For more detailed instructions and advanced techniques, please watch our full Instructional video.

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