Owens Corning Cem-FIL AR Fibres 12mm (13KG)

Owens Corning Cem-FIL AR Fibres 12mm for Concrete Reinforcement 13kg


Owens Corning Cem-FIL alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibres have been developed for use with cement-based products (glass-reinforced concrete [GRC], mortars, composite cement, etc.).


  • Excellent compatibility with cement matrix
  • Excellent workability even at high dosage
  • Increases chemical resistance (e.g. deicing products)
  • Extends long-term durability of concrete
  • Does not float or sink in concrete
  • Doesnt entrap air
  • Fast and uniform dispersion

The fibres are manufactured with Zirconia content in compliance with ASTM C 1666/0 1666/M-07 and EN 15455. AR glass fibres from Owens Corning are marketed as Cem-FIL® glass fibre.

Cem-FIL® fibres are manufactured under a quality management system approved as meeting the requirements for ISO 9001.

Additionally, the performance of Cem-FIL® fibres has been subjected to independent assessment and approval in Germany (Zulassung Nº Z-3.72.1731), and Cem-FIL® fibres meet the safety standards of European Directive 99/45/ EC, 67/548/EEC and their latest amendments.

Owens Corning Cem-FIL AR Fibres 12mm (13KG)

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