MACt Admix (1kg)

MACt Admix (2kg)


MACt Admix (1kg) is a multi-functional all in one concrete admix for production in Ultra-High-Performance concrete. MACt Admix (2kg) was designed by the MACt in-house Cement Chemist.


This MACt Admix is designed to help your concrete mix in several very important ways.

  • Water Reducing Agent
  • Cure Modifier
  • Deafoming Agent
  • Anti Shrinkage
  • Ultra Performance
  • Mixing Aid
  • Reduces Crazing
  • Reduces Curling

MACt Admix (1kg) is designed to be dosed at 3% of the cementitious content of your mix at a 0.28 water percentage.

MACt Admix (1kg) is recommended to be used with MACt Plasticiser.

MACt Admix (1kg)

SKU: 9E35B-750