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Commercial Square Bar Form

This is a concrete benchtop form that is designed for heavy duty commercial bar tops and islands.

Instead of the standard 50mm tall appearance from our regular forms, this form gives you the appearance of a 87mm thick top. There are no backwall forms included in this kit. 


This Commercial Bar form has a larger drop-down front edge than the standard Cast-in-Place Countertop forms, to accommodate up to 20mm base substrate (usually needed for the added weight of the thicker tops). The Z Countertop forms are simply snapped off when the concrete is cured, leaving behind the decorative edge benchtop surface.


Please note- This Commercial Bar package does not come with the Back-Wall pieces that the other Countertop Forms come with. The Commercial Bar forms are usually used to create a bar or island, so all sides of the concrete benchtop are visible.


  • Easy to use 
  • Cut to a custom length
  • Cast-in-place concrete forms
  • Clean cuts allow edges to align tightly
  • No wooden framing required
  • No heavy lifting


Available as the following: 


Individual lengths

2.4 meter length

Half Pack

Includes four (4)- 2.4m pieces (9.6 linear meters) 


Full Pack

Includes eight (8)- 2.4m pieces (19.2 linear meters) 


Commercial Square Bar Form

  • To use - place a 20mm substrate on top of the bar base. The substrate should be cut flush to the edge of the bar base. The forms will then be screwed into the substrate with a 15mm x 10g Panhead screw. After the concrete is poured, the forms are snapped off along the designated 'break point' to reveal a beautiful clean edge. 

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